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General Perfecta Awning Information

  • Each unit is Custom Built

  • Projections up to 13'1"

  • Amazing Tiltable Arm = Small Closed Profile

  • Triple Spring Arms with Fully Sheathed Cables

  • Frame Colors: tan, white, dark brown

  • Sleek Hood Design

  • Galvanized Steel Roller Tube

  • Powder Coated Aluminum Components

  • Powder Coated Steel Support Tube

  • 10 reasons to choose a Perfecta awning

  • Perfecta Warranty & Manuals

Sunrise Awnings 

Both innovative and convenient, the elegant Perfecta Sunrise Retractable Awning blends state-of-the-art design with uncompromised quality. It employs stainless steel wind-locks and triple spring-loaded arms with fully sheathed cables, making it one of the sturdiest retractable awning models sold.

A stylish hood accompanies the Sunrise model when it is not secured beneath a soffit or eave. This attractive hood protects your awning when it is retracted, ensuring clean, long lasting, and beautiful fabric. The integrated drip rail prevents soiling of the valance while also preserving the beauty of the fabric.

The Sunrise can perfectly harmonize with your home and lifestyle. You have a lovely patio, or you've built a terrific deck. Now actually be able to enjoy it in the cool shade of a Perfecta Retractable Awning. As our customers often say, “It's like we’ve added another room!”

Toga Awnings   top

Provide maximum protection for the fabric of your retractable awning with a TOGA model. When fully retracted the fabric is completely encased within a powder coated aluminum tube with only the valance being exposed. When awning season is over, the valance can be easily removed and stored to prolong fabric life. This is the ultimate in fabric protection in retractable awnings.

The TOGA is highly recommended for roof mounted retractable awnings, but may also be used as a wall mounted retractable awning.


Little-Big Awnings   top

Where conventional retractable awnings stop, the Little-Big model just gets started. The patented crossing arms allow retractable awnings to occupy limited spaces where other awnings come up short. No longer required to be longer than their projection, full-size Perfecta® awnings can enhance even the most limited spaces. Perfecta is proud to have been the first company in the industry to offer this product.


Vario-Volant   top

Protect yourself from a low rising or setting sun with a Vario-Volant. Adapting to best suit your needs, this vertical extension of the awning fabric deflects glare and enhances your privacy with the turn of a simple gear mechanism. Enjoy additional shade on the front of your awning or separately as a vertical porch shade.


Commercial Awnings   top

Commercial awnings can create a stunning new look for your business and increase street visibility. Each commercial awning can be custom designed to fit your business, giving it the character and excitement you desire.

The addition of illumination can add excitement and visibility to your business and can provide additional security 24 hours a day. Add a logo or graphics to show off your name and give you constant visibility.

Choose from a variety of fabric patterns, colors, designs and framework systems. Increase eye appeal and give your business charm and charisma with a commercial awning from JMT Awnings!